Production Team

Eric Carle fans, readers and artists of all ages will thrill to watch The Art of the Picture Book, a new film about the artist’s life and creative process. This intimate portrait lets every viewer into Eric Carle’s world as if you were there beside him in his studio. Listen and watch as he creates his pictures, remembers his childhood, reflects on the creative life he has led for decades as the creator of more than 70 books for children. The Art of the Picture Book captures the magic of Eric Carle; a man who sees each child as an individual and who is deeply connected to the child he once was.

Producer: Kate Geis • Motoko Inoue
Director, Editor: Kate Geis
Cinematographer: Alex Rappoport
Additional Camera: Kate Geis
Music: Wes Talbot
Closing and Credit Music: George Langford
Online Edit & Sound Mix: Rikk Desgres • Pinehurst Pictures & Sound
Open Title Animation: Robert Mowen
Sound: Andy Turrett
Executive Producer: John Fortier • Motoko Inoue
Special Thanks: Eric & Barbara Carle • The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art • Alexandra Kennedy • H. Nichols B. Clark • Rosemary Agoglia • Rachel Hass • Renata Sooknanan • Montessori School of Northampton • Annie Lionni • Marc Chusid • Susan Swift • Cathy Topal
Ballet Clip: A House for Hermit Crab: Direction, Choreography, & Costumes: Therese Brady Donohue
Book art by Leo Lionni: permission granted by Annie Lionni for Swimmy © 1963 renewed 1991 • An Extraordinary Egg © 1994 • Frederick © 1967 renewed 1995 • Fish is Fish © 1970 • Five Lionni Classics clip: used with permission from Annie Lionni and Carla Rezza Gianini
Opening quotation: The Power and the Glory © 1940 by Graham Greene: used with permission from The Estate of Graham Greene & David Higham Associates
Cover photo: Barbara Carle
Production Company: TVGeis LLC
Trailer: Peter Steinberg

Copyright © 2011 Eric Carle, LLC • All rights reserved

Running Time: 30 minutes / Not Rated • Licensed for private home exhibition. Video may be shown without permission or fee, provided admission is not charged. For broadcast use, please contact